Skin Care Center day spa

Skin Care Center day spa

Skin Care Center day spaSkin Care Center day spa

Vitamin IV Therapy

Hydration Refresh


This is a basic package.

A bag of Normal Saline (Water + Salt) to replenish your fluid and electrolytes.  enhance your natural energy, enhance your body immune system, lower stress and cell damage, and sleep well through the night.

Fitness Recovery


Post Exercise IV Recovery is used after activity. The goal to prevent soreness by improving muscle recovery and decrease downtime. IV fluid will contain Glucose for muscle food and normal saline to improve hydration for muscle recovery.

Stress Rescue


If you are in intense need of relief, if you need to reverse the effects of cortisol and of prolonged stress, then IV Therapy can help. With IV Therapy, the necessary vitamins and nutrients to relieve both the symptoms and the chemical cause of stress (cortisol) are brought directly into your bloodstream and from there to the rest of your body.

Cold & Flu Remedy


The cold and flu treatment targets the dehydration in our bodies, providing pure hydration and essential nutrients to  help speed up our recovery and improve the other functions in our daily lives.

Migrane Therapy


A reason why many people endure consistent migraines is due to the lack of hydration in their cells and the lack of nutrients traveling to their brain. Migraines are an unfortunate side effect of dehydration and the migraine treatment is now able to provide natural, non-narcotic pain relievers to treat headache pain and speed up the recovery period. This therapy also helps to minimize the number of future migraines, because once your body starts receiving the proper hydration it needs, your body will be able to better regulate imbalances.

Hangover Detox


Alcohol slows the release of a hormone that allows the kidneys to absorb both water and electrolytes, allowing fluids to be flushed out. You may also have experienced excessive sweating causing further dehydration. Your heart is working overtime as well, leading to some constriction of blood vessels. This may lead to some dehydration headaches.

Jet Lag Revival


Weary travelers can receive a dose of this rejuvenating intravenous liquid. The specific combination of vitamins, anti-inflammatories and of course water, helps people rehydrate and re-energize. The rapid absorption of vitamins through IV therapy enables the body to recover and re-adjust faster than oral capsules & beverages and thus, helps you return to your busy schedule.

Energy Boost


the effect of stress on your body, especially the release of high levels of cortisol, means that problem remains a chemical one. Especially when stress becomes unavoidable or if the symptoms remain long after the stressors are gone, an intensive intervention may be necessary to get you back to full functionality again. Vitamins are a necessary part of our diet and when all is working well you should be able to get all the vitamins you need as part of a balanced, healthy diet.

High Dose Vitamin C


Possible signs of Vitamin C deficiency:

  • Fatigue
  • Poor immune system
  • Dry, damaged skin
  • Aching or weakness in muscle or joints
  • Bleeding gums
  • Unprovoked weight gain
  • Irritated skin

Vitamin C  can help with fighting cold and flu, allergies, and the effects of chemotherapy cancer treatment.

Vitamin Injections

B12 Boost


Help fight off chronic fatigue, general sluggishness and decreased alertness with vitamin B12.

Skinny Shot


Skinny shots, also known as Methionine Inositol Choline (MIC) injections, are shots specifically designed to help speed up your metabolism.

Methionine is an essential amino acid that assists in the breakdown of fats throughout the body.

Inositol is a B-vitamin that reduces cholesterol and promotes healthy cell structures and nerve synapses.

Choline helps your liver to process and excrete waste products in an efficient manner. It also helps to transport and metabolize fats and cholesterol.

Antioxidant Refresh Shot


Boost your immune system, maintain heart health, help preserve memory and clear toxins